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FREE Totoro Pattern

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This is an AMIGURUMI PATTERN! With everything you need to know to crochet this beautiful Totoro easily. What are you waiting for?


This is a Free Pattern so you only need to click in the button below and your download will start in no time!

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Remember this is not the object itself, this is a pattern so you can do your own Totoro. This is a beginner level pattern pretty simple to follow.

You will download a PDF document with a graphic pattern that will teach you how to do all the parts of your amigurumi including basic instructions on how to do it, how to add the stuffing and how to add the details. All things you need for making your own Totoro! Piece of cake!

Downloadable pattern in English –graphic version- You will able to download your PDF document once you click the green button above.

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3.75 mm


Aproximadamente 15 cm




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